Last Hour iOS Application

Last Hour is a task manager with complex UI and many hidden features

Before Icons8 App I developed an iOS application named Last Hour. Last Hour app has complex non-standard UI and allows you to easily manage time slots to fill your day with action.

I was working on this application in VisualPharm team. I planned architecture of the app, implemented first prototypes, rebuilt them into something usable and finally managed to polish app according to provided specifications.

Last Hour introduction screen
Introduction to the app
Gestures to edit task in Last Hour
Tasks can be edited by gestures
Daylight time
An idea of travel route for tourist planned in Last Hour
An idea of travel route for tourist
Typical day in office planned in Last Hour
Typical day in office
Last Hour task editor
Editor pops up on tap
Day planned by gamer in Last Hour
Getting things done taken seriously
Settings screen of Last Hour
Settings screen